Stepping onto the Green: The SneakerPutt Story

Stepping onto the Green: The SneakerPutt Story

Established during the rise of golf's popularity amid lockdowns, SneakerPutt emerged as a unique fusion of style and sport. SneakerPutt was born out of a shared passion for the game of golf and a love for the iconic Nike & Air Jordan brand. Our mission was crystal clear – take the concept of using toddler-sized Jordan and Nike shoes as putter covers to new heights. The result? Not just a stylish accessory but a groundbreaking innovation that ingeniously makes your putter stand upright on the green.

The Fusion of Fashion and Functionality:

Picture this: the morning dew on the grass as you stand on the green, chipping with your sand-wedge. Your putter, adorned with a SneakerPutt cover, stands proudly upright, ensuring your grip stays dry. This is the fusion of fashion and functionality, where SneakerPutt transforms a simple putter cover into a game-changer on the golf course.

Jordan 1 Mid [CHICAGO] Standing Sneaker Putter Cover

The SneakerPutt Collection:

Dive into the vibrant world of the SneakerPutt collection, where we celebrate the kaleidoscope of colorways from Nike and Air Jordan. From the iconic BRED (Black/Red) symbolizing the Chicago Bulls' team colors to the classic "Chicago" (Red/White/Black) paying homage to Michael Jordan's time with the Bulls – our collection spans hundreds of unique Air Jordan colorways and a diverse array of Nike sneakers, including Air Maxes, Air Force 1s, Air More Uptempos, and more. Style your golf bag to your putter cover, creating a personalized expression of your love for both sneakers and golf.

Air Jordan 1 Standing Sneaker Putter Cover

A Nod to Sneaker Culture:

The SneakerPutt journey is deeply intertwined with the nostalgia and emotional connection people have with Air Jordan and Nike shoes. These sneakers are not merely footwear; they are a form of self-expression and a fashion statement. Each pair carries a unique story, associated with personal milestones, achievements, and memorable moments. SneakerPutt captures this cultural impact, allowing you to bring a piece of sneaker history to the golf course.

Jordan 1 Mid SE [SWEATER WEATHER] Standing Sneaker Putter Cover

The Perfect Gift for Golf Enthusiasts:

Elevate your gift-giving game with SneakerPutt putter covers – a fusion of sneaker culture and golf that's a slam dunk for any occasion. Whether you're shopping for a sneakerhead, basketball fanatic, or someone who simply loves a unique touch on the golf course, SneakerPutt offers the perfect blend of style and functionality that makes for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. These covers transcend the ordinary, making them the ultimate gift for those who appreciate the intersection of sports, fashion, and personalized touches.

Nike Air Force 1 Standing Sneaker Putter Cover

Behind the Scenes: Crafting a SneakerPutt Putter Cover:

Each SneakerPutt standing sneaker putter cover is a testament to craftsmanship. Hand-crafted from authentic pairs of Nike or Air Jordan sneakers, they are meticulously re-engineered to balance your putter upright on the green. Adding a touch of Nike flair, each putter cover features an embedded Nike sock inside the shoe, providing both support to the putter and a stylish point of interest. This behind-the-scenes process ensures that every SneakerPutt putter cover is a unique blend of functionality, fashion, and the rich history of iconic sneaker brands.

Nike Air Force 1 Putter Cover

Embark on your SneakerPutt journey today – where each step onto the green becomes a stylish statement and a celebration of the fusion of sports and style. Explore our collection and make every golfing experience truly special.

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